About Us

  Do you advertise your organization through a webpage?
Have you thought about how many people in your community read your webpage through an electronic translator?
What is the problem?
Let say I want to invite you to know our services and you see this:
We having a better service of the city
Would you accept the invitation? Probably not!
People get offended when their mother tongue is misused.
This is what happens when your potential clients read your website through an electronic translator. We at "The True Translation" can help you avoid that problem through a true human professional translation. We translate your webpage to Spanish and keep its original format.
The Facts
1. Hispanic communities are growing all around the Nation and will continue to grow.
2. Organizations and bussines know that no matter how fine their social media communication is, it disappoints seekers that read them through an electronic translator.
3. It is well known that 90% of people prefer to search information in the web in their mother tongue.
Who We Are
We are a professional English to Spanish translator agency. We are dedicated to translate to Spanish Christian material written in English. We are passionate about making businesses and organizations services available to the Spanish speaking communities.
Our Founder

Ricardo Ramirez is a native Spanish professional translator. He holds a Masters of theology and has a long history translating educational, fiction and non-fiction material. He has also translated for several video producers as Onetimeblind, Lifetreecafe, Seekfirstmedia and many others. Ricardo also translated the book Church marketing 101 written by Dr. Richard Reising and he has been working as the official translator for Faith Writers for more than two years.

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Would you like your website be also available in Spanish so it can reach the Hispanic communities around you? We can translate your site in a professional manner, preserving the original format. By getting your web site translated by us, you will be able to connect with the Hispanic communities around you and the world.
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Have you thought that your book, magazine or educational material written in English could impact the lives of millions of Spanish speaking people? We have the professionalism and the Christian background necessary to translate any kind of Christian educational material, books and any publishing you need for your organization.
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The ability of your advertisement material as fliers, ads, newsletters, outdoor adversiting, scripts, lyrics, magazines etc. to impact people, could be much bigger if it could be read by the Spanish-speaking communities around you. We can translate all your promotional material keeping the original format.
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Same of our clients

What do our clients say about us
“I understand that you may be working with on a translation project. Please allow me a moment to share my praises about the work he’s done for Lifetree Café. I have immensely appreciated Ricardo’s sensitivity to our ministry and his resourcefulness to help find solutions for our challenges. With very little guidance, he thoroughly grasped our needs and delivered on all of his promises. It would be my strong recommendation that you consider Ricardo for all your translation needs. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me”
Blessings, Craig Cable Lifetree Cafe' National Director.

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